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We are hoping that these questions and answers will help you understand the styles and usage ideas on successful deployment of Discovery Teaching in your classroom.

An in-class web application that provides a platform for interactive, active and dynamic teaching and learning in the higher education classroom. It facilitates tools for teacher/student communication, interactions, assessment, analytics and pedagogical awareness.
Users have accounts, teachers create courses which have unique enrollment codes for other teaching staff and students to enroll for a semester. Class Meetings can have one or more learning or teaching Activities. In general, during a class meeting, students, TAs and their teacher login to the website from their personal computers. The application manages their learning goals, progress, feedback, discussion forums, diagnostic assessments, learning/teaching analytics, note-taking, etc.
For now you can access Discovery Teaching using your web browser on your smart-phone, tablet or personal computer.
Discovery Teaching offers a set of interactive, communication, assessment and analytics tools that enable the implementation of active, interactive and adaptive pedagogy in the classroom. Along with this wide range of functionality, Discovery Teaching advocates a new teaching style, Computer-Supported Agile Teaching (CSAT), with emphasis on transparency, inspection and adaptation of the classroom personnel, methods and resources in discovering optimal outcomes.
We are currently focused on supporting the college/university classroom, we plan for expansion in the future and this will be communicated appropriately. Discovery Teaching can be used in several different styles to meet the needs of an instructor, activities in the classroom, and subject type. It is, however, more useful for hands-on (active learning or flipped classed), interactive and medium to large (15+) class sizes.
Discovery Teaching started as a bi-product of a PhD dissertation work. After the completion of the dissertation work and the demonstrated demand and positive educational impact of the software, we are currently working on sharing the platform to as many teachers as possible while gathering more feedback for product updates. For now Discovery Teaching is FREE. If and when this changes, you will all be notified.

We are keeping Discovery Teaching free and accessible to everyone for the 2020-21 academic year, your donation and support will allow us to achieve this goal. As we are increasingly having to support more users and development work, funding is needed for server costs, application development, and miscellenous supplies and cloud services.

The Tarimo Research Group @ - Connecticut College
Students, Instructors, Hosts of classes and events. The platform can be used at most levels of education - from elementary schools to higher educations. It can also be used to support non-educational events such as meetings and conferences.

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You can first browse through and familiarize yourself with the interface and features using the demo accounts and course(s) below:

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